Weekly Fitness Program


It is no secret that a healthy body is a healthy mind since eons. The rule did not hold true as much as it does today. With the given lifestyle of individuals it is of utmost importance to stay healthy and fit. It is not easy to dedicate two – three hours a day to the gym in order to stay fit, thus we bring a solution to your door steps. Keep all the excuses at bay as we bring to you various workout sessions on a weekly basis for you to move a bone or two. At the beginning of the program each and every individual will go through a BMI check in order to understand current position which will help in laying a path for the future.


The programme will take place on every Friday (we can customize the same depending on the availability and need of the group) for a minimum time period of 4 weeks; whereby our fitness experts would visit the office and conduct sessions such as Zumba, Power Yoga, Bolly-Aerobics to name a few. These activities will boost the endurance levels of the employees thus taking them a step closer to a healthier and fit body. Our experts will also share some easy-to-do fitness exercises with no access needed to any equipment. A BMI check will be done at the beginning of the program and again at the end of the month in order to compare the effects of the program.


Our weekly program focuses on employee’s health and has the following benefits:
  • Reduce stress
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Prevent illness
  • Improve employee health and productivity
  • Improve self-confidence and morale

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