Terms and Conditions

1. No freezing/blocking of membership in cases such as travel/medical/maternity cases/accidents/relocation/no interest to continue.
2. All memberships are non-transferable & non-refundable under any circumstances.
3. Management will not entertain verbal commitments or communication from the clients and vice versa.
4. As a member you agree to comply with the rules of the gym with regards to the use of facility, opening hours and your conduct.The gym may make reasonable changes to these rules from time to time and the same will be communicated in advance.
5. The gym may withdraw use of all complementary services such as towel facility; group classes etc…at any time for this offer.
6. This membership doesn’t permit any extensions through buddy referrals.
7. Membership cannot be transferred to existing member or non-members.
8. All memberships are inclusive of 10 days of government holidays.
9. No upgrade options are available for any member/ memberships.
10. In order to avail freezing; an option for 30 days will be available which will be chargeable at INR 2000 + 18% GST.
11. Management reserves the right to admission.
12. No disputes or arguments will be entertained without show of a valid system receipt.
13. Cheque dishonour charges will be applicable in case of payments made by cheques.
14. In case of any transfers for any reason, an additional charge of INR 2,500 + 18% GST will be applicable.
15. Payment done for a product/package/service cannot be adjusted against another product/package/service.
16. Amount once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
17. Membership his valid for single entry only.
18. Management is not responsible for any kind of body injury or any health related issues within the gym premises.
19. Gym is not responsible for your belongings, in case of theft or misplacement.
20. Any damage to the gym equipment, member is solely responsible for compensating and replacing the same.
21. Membership is subject to cancellation/ termination if any member is found causing problems to other members or staff of the gym or in case found breaking any rules of the gym.
22. Membership is subject to cancellation / termination in case of any unauthorized/ uninformed monetary transaction takes places between anyMember and the employees of the gym.
23. Membership is subject to cancellation/ termination if any member approaches a Personal Trainer without prior billing.
24. Any discrepancy in the bill should be brought to our notice within 5 days.
25. Our memberships are non-transferable to any other club.
26. Once the membership amount has been paid, the program will be activated, the two cannot be separated.
27. Members are not allowed to bring eatables inside the gym or use our pantry.
28. Peak time occupancy of cardio equipment is restricted for 20 minutes usage only. For holidays or closure of gym updates please check the notice board regularly.
29. Members are not allowed to bring any friends or relatives or kids inside the gym, only potential members are allowed.
30. Members are not allowed to operate music system & computers or seek help of staff for personal work.
31. Towels, steam, dispenser soap all are miscellaneous additional services and the company can stop the same in case of any misuse.
32. All group classes/activities are complimentary, it’s not mandatory & company may swap the schedule or change the activity anytime due to official reasons.
33. Sometimes class may get cancelled or start few minutes later for genuine reasons especially classes with less than 5 members.
34. Members are strictly not allowed to disturb co-members while workouts, cause in-convinces, use unacceptable languages in gym premises.
35. Members are eligible for general training and guidance. The trainers will explain only workout charts; however they will not assist till the completion of routine.
36. If personal assistance is needed choose our personal trainers, ask for trial.
37. No transfer/block/freezing/re-fund even for maternity cases/accidents/loss of life etc…is available.
38. In case of personal training and transformation programs, the sessions are pre-defined along with a validity period; the same cannot be extended for any reason.
39. For suggestions /complaints/ feed-backs mail us at info@hammers.fit
40. One day trail fee is INR 400/- including taxes & Single BMI is INR 350/- and the same will be adjusted towards joining in the membership package.
41. Gym operates Monday to Saturday – 5:00 am to 11:00 pm, Sunday – 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
42. All balance payments have to be paid within a period of 30 days. In case of late payment a fee of INR 500 will be applicable in addition to the original payment.
43. One of face & bath towels are complimentary, & the same can be withdrawn at any time. Additional towels cost INR 50 for face towel &INR 150 for bath towel.
44. Freelancers, outsider trainers & training are not allowed inside the gym premises.
45. No representative of this gym encourages or promotes dietary supplements or performance enhancing substances of any kind.
46. Transactions in cash or kind between a client and gym representative is strictly prohibited by the management.
47. We are unbiased to all our members; lesser attention on behalf of the trainer when compared to others is because of the opted personal training membership plan.
48. General Trainers are not spotters but are obligated to only explain the workout not to assist.
49. Personal Trainers are always available for advice in workout and pattern in case of any changes required.
50. We encourage healthy conversations and a one on one feedback. Please contact the floor manager is case of any service related queries or if something is bothering you. We are more than happy to be of help.
51. We authorize only written communication, no verbal communication is entertained.