Hammers Fitnez - Tabata

Tabata Training- an effective intense workout for your body

You have sensed the need for fitness before cornering here. However, you may hear the countless workout styles over the mediums. Nevertheless, your goal should be your preference for the type of training you should settle for. For the people who push their body for a quick yet intense session, Tabata exercises Koramangala has a lot to offer.

Under the concept of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Tabata training ensures the enhanced strength and stimulates weight loss while building muscle at the same time.

What does Tabata stand for?

A HIIT training program, Tabata focuses on the short, intense workouts with shorter intervals for rest. Simply put, the perfect Tabata training requires a four-minute workout organized in 20 seconds of intense workout following 10 seconds of rest for a set of 8 rounds. If an exercise program deviates from the time, it would not be termed as classic Tabata Training. However, the Tabata would be a great stepping stone in your life, while professional guidance can do wonder to achieve your predetermined goals.

Your expectation from Tabata fitness classes Koramangala:

1. Burn fat quickly
2. Strengthen your muscles
3. Add flexibility to the body
4. Enhance your aerobic capacities