Power Yoga

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Enrich your body and mind with power yoga

Power yoga, the term itself, seems ironic. Besides, if you are aware of yoga asanas influence, they could be mixed up with exercise. However, it is a fitness-based vinyasa practice with an array of benefits. While practicing, you can get internal heat, enhancement in stamina, strength, and flexibility while gaining the potential effects of yoga. People who appreciate the blend of yoga and exercise could gain from the power yoga in Koramangala.

Yoga drives attention while attention brings the transformation. And if you can get your calories to burn, you are paving the way for a better version of yourself with an enhanced physical capability and enriched mentality.

Power yoga for you

It requires flowing through the many poses rapidly. Power yoga comprises two core principles: breath-based movement and moving between the poses. However, the people who are not abreast of the yoga poses may find it difficult to cope with the process. Therefore, professional guidance for our expert trainers would help your steps of overall wellness with power yoga.

What does power yoga do to you?

1. Make you mentally active
2. Boost the immune system and improve sleep quality
3. Reduce Stress and improve wellness
4. Induce flexibility and agility