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Hammers Fitnez -zumba


WHAT Zumba is a dance and fitness program created by a Columbian dancer and choreographer. It is a combination of fast and slow movements based on the rhythms. This dance and fitness form is a great form for toning and sculpting your body. In one Zumba class you could burn up to 600 calories. Zumba [...]
Hammers Fitnez -Fun-Fitness

Fun Fitness

WHAT The fit culture is growing rapidly, however, more people keep moving out of fitness after a short period of time as it can get boring and physically painful. Fun fitness aims at keeping employees active and healthy with fun activities. HOW IS IT DONE Our specialists will conduct from a range of activities you [...]
Hammers Fitnez -self-defence

Self – Defence Program

WHAT Self-defence is a countermeasure that involves defending oneself from threat/ attack. It is the use of one’s own physical force to counter violence. The success of self-defence greatly lies on multiple parameters, the type of threat, and also on the mental and physical preparedness of the defender. Self-defence is mostly a martial arts form [...]
Hammers Fitnez -nutrition-and-diet-consultation

Nutrition and Diet Consultation

WHAT As a part of a healthy body it is essential to have a healthy meal that comprises of all the necessary nutrients that our bodies require. As a part of the program or as an individual consultation, our certified nutritionist and diet consultants would take a one-to-one session on the dietary ideologies, habits and [...]
Hammers Fitnez -fitness-program

Weekly Fitness Program

WHAT It is no secret that a healthy body is a healthy mind since eons. The rule did not hold true as much as it does today. With the given lifestyle of individuals it is of utmost importance to stay healthy and fit. It is not easy to dedicate two – three hours a day [...]
Hammers Fitnez -stress-with-work

De-stress At Work

WHAT Fitness is a non-negotiable necessary aspect of each and everyone’s life. Higher the fitness level the better one’s life is. Fitness is not only physical but comprises of mental and emotional elements as well. In order to remain fit one doesn’t necessary need to work out tremendously in a gym or fitness centre rather [...]